The Island of the Winds, the jewel of the Cyclades group Mykonos welcomes you with ample authenticity and cosmopolitan aura. Mykonos Island has been attracting wealthy Athenians and international celebrities like a magnet since 1950.

Mykonos is famous for its superb landscapes, traditionally whitewashed buildings with colorful doors, iconic windmills, luxurious Mykonos hotels, award-winning restaurants, bougainvillea trees in purple bloom, small blue and red domed churches and picturesque harbors, where fishing boats are moored next to the luxury yachts of the jet set.

But it is mostly known for its most vivid nightlife and dreamy sandy beaches with sparkling azure seawaters; Mykonos Island never sleeps. Its endless beach parties have made it famous around the world. What’s more, Mykonos is the most popular gay-friendly destination in Greece.

Mykonos is home to some delicious products which encapsulate the island’s deep gastronomic traditions. The most notable of these is kopanisti, a cheese with spicy and aromatic taste. Another local appetizer for food lovers is louza, a dish made from thin slices of spiced and cooked pork. The almond cookies of Mykonos amygdalota are worth trying. You can take this delectable sweet back home.

The island has a rare and magnetizing dynamic that will make you eager to visit it multiple times.