A Taste of Greece on Your Plate

Оne of the best and most enjoyable ways to understand and appreciate other cultures is gastronomy.Until recently, most travelers knew of only a small number of standard dishes – moussaka, tzatziki, Greek salad, souvlaki and loukoumades – without realizing that each corner of this mythical country has its own signature dishes with tastes that create the feeling of one’s soul being soothed. A magical mosaic of flavors tells the story of Greece’s rich cultural and culinary history. These flavors vary according to location and season. From the cuttlefish with fennel and olives of Crete, the stuffed eggplants and the classic goat stew of Peloponnese, the meat pies of Kefalonia, the pastitsada and sofrito of Corfu, the amygdalota cookies of Mykonos, the tomato fritters and fava dip of Santorini, the stuffed vegetables of Macedonia, the spetsofai of Peleion, the cheese pies of Epirus, to the more universal dishes like youvetsi, stifado, pastitsio, mussaka and vegetable stewed in oil are what inspire Greeks to celebrate life.


Let us introduce you to new dining concepts and destinations. Our wine tasting and culinary tours shall bring you to some of the most celebrated wine regions across the country. Indulge in a delicious culinary journey around the world’s favorite cuisine in the idyllic restaurants, taverns and bars and inspired menus created by Greece’s most exclusive chefs. Discover the best food and wine tours in Athens! Our expert guide will help you to explore the city’s hidden culinary gems, the places that only locals know about. Whether you want to lose yourself in the Athens Central Market, taste the best flavors of Athens by night, or enjoy a Greek wine tasting, we are here to help you unravel all the secrets of Greek gastronomy in the most pleasant way.